Did you notice our people? "Did you notice our people?"

Welcome to the Mystery Guest & Secret Shopper Company

We are specialists in undertaking mystery guest and secret shopping assignments ensuring our clients have valuable and focused customer perception intelligence from which to build continuous improvement within their operations.

Our core values come from our risk management background working with many businesses to develop viable and rewarding income streams whilst removing unprofitable and high risk practices likely to present a threat to the client’s business. This foundation has given us a unique insight in helping businesses turn around problems that are like a cancer slowly spoiling the health and well-being of their business and has established us as the recognized first choice provider to those clients seeking a sensitive but no nonsense approach to their corporate needs.

We are risk managers and commercial investigators who work with you to identify, collate and deliver detailed intelligence on your trading patterns using mystery guest, secret shopping and investigative observation techniques. The service we offer involves providing our clients with more than just the usual basic feedback on a ‘buying experience’ – we provide a complete business intelligence report and appropriate management solutions including business mapping where appropriate. Our clients use the findings of the business intelligence report as a no holds barred benchmark of their current trading regimes and the basis for continuous improvement initiatives and staff performance management.